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LEDs For A Brighter Future!

Light emitting diodes are quickly being adopted by everyone in the industry because of the massive benefits that they provide over the more traditionally used filament light bulbs. These light emitting diodes provide a number of advantages over filament light bulbs. These advantages include not heating up from extended use, using much less energy and being extremely efficient. All of these benefits stem from the way that light emitting diodes work. LEDs work on the basis of semiconductors showing luminosity when an electric current passes through them. This means that this process is much more efficient then the process that is used in filament light bulbs. Those bulbs rely on resistance heating up a coil of the filament which in turn releases the light. due to the nature of the process, a lot of the energy is wasted as heat energy and therefore they are not as efficient as LEDs.

At Ideal LED we recognise the impact that lighting and have on the general vibe of the place. No matter what they use of the place is, whether it is being used as an office space or as a home, inadequate or improper lighting can have an extremely detrimental effect on the look and general feel of the place. Studies have also shown that improper levels of light can lead to reduced productivity and reduce feelings of happiness for people living in a building therefore, good lighting which can be controlled accurately is extremely important to ensure that businesses thrive and dad residents of buildings are happy.

Integration with Smart Homes

With smart Home devices becoming more common as time passes by, these LED lights in Sydney can be controlled remotely either through your smartphone all through voice commands such as commands to Google Voice or Amazon Alexa. this means that lights can be switched on or off, and intensity can be increased or decreased and colours of the lights can be changed without leaving the couch. this provides an extremely efficient and easy way to control the lighting in your house or building. This can also lead to cost savings as smart devices can recognise a room which is not being used, these can then subsequently be switched off, which can result in energy savings.

At Ideal LED, we provide a range of products which can be scaled up or down to meet any kind of need, whether it be for residential or commercial use. We provide waterproof LED strip lights and LED downlights which ensure that your building stays lit up during all kinds of conditions.
All in all, if you need quality LED products which you can rely on to give you a high-quality service, then ideal LED should be your first and last choice. With an extremely varied product selection and solutions to meet any kind of needs, we ensure that all your lighting needs are met completely!