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Classification Of Various Types Of Floor Mats

As floor mats are an essential to any industrial and commercial building as well as common houses. It is safe to say doormats have evolved drastically since the old times. Nowadays doormats comes in a wide array of designs, sides, shapes and even martials that’s suitable for different types of climates and floorings. Accordingly beginners matting customers will be easily overwhelmed by the different types of matting solutions that are available in the matting industry today. Accordingly shown below are some of the well-known different types of floor mats and its uses respectively that will assist you to select the ideal mat that satisfies your need.

Scarper Mats and Link in Design Mats

Both of these mats have a common advantage namely the ability to aggressively clean and cleanse dirt and debris from shoes. Link in design mats are uniquely designed with pieces of vinyl or rubber materials gathered together in a chain link design that essentially creates a lot of exterior texture. But these mats does not provide much moisture absorption. Unlike link in design mats scraper mats are moisture absorbent and are resilient to changes of climate and temperature. Both types of these entrance mats from Standout Mats are most suitable to be used outdoors.

Decorative Mats

Decorative mats can be used for both outdoor and indoor purposes. And it’s in high demand for its uniqueness and the ability for you to be able to custom design it as you please. A decorative mat can be Printed floor mats with colorful designs and patterns imprinted. Etched with company logos, names and even catchy quotes and funny sayings to gain the interest of your visitors. Such mats have the ability to attract customers or visitors with its bold, unique and colorful designs. Custom made decorative mats are quite the trend as it not only protects your valuable flooring but also gives you the chance to express your own personal flare that’ll make a lasting impression.

Interior Mats

These types of mats are made specifically to be used in indoors. Thus it often comes in various types of colors, texture and designs as indoor mats are secure from the sun and climatic changes and damages from other elements. This type of mats are mostly used as a decorative and a floor protector. With the added advantage of having the potentiality to remove dirt and water from visitors and house occupants footwear. Interior mats are available in cotton, rubber, latex and many other materials. But it is advised to purchase an indoor mat that is slip resilient.

Medical Mats

Medical mats are mostly used in hospitals, clinics and other healthcare facilities under sterilized settings. It is mainly used to prevent contaminations in the medical wards. Medical mats are developed with sterilization agents that never get drained. It offers additional benefits including anti fatigue, noise reduction and slip resistance.